Update on Kim

15 Jul

Kim is currently resting comfortably. Today she was awake and responsive for most of the day – much more so than she has been since arriving at hospice. We used this surge of energy to share pictures, songs, poems, letters, emails and Facebook comments that have been pouring in from all over the country (and even across the pond). 

She has been, and continues to be, surrounded by people who love her and we are all so proud of her for the dignity and grace she is bringing to this moment. To all of you who shared your memories, danced in her honor, offered quick notes of encouragement, prayed, or offered a moment in quiet contemplation of Kim – we, on behalf of Kim, thank you.

As you train your thoughts on what Kim is experiencing right now I would like to turn your attention to her own words mere days after receiving her diagnosis of ALS:

 I am recognizing fear for what it is – an imagination of my mind which is not as real as the very deep stillness, peace and love that is the foundation of our existence and is abundantly available to us in every moment if we are aware enough to see it and feel it – and I am aware enough. To be blunt, if you are afraid for me, then you are not offering the fullest support for my experience. So, what can you do to help?  Refuse to fear for me and my family.  If you pray, please pray that I will l be given the grace to refuse the existence of fear in every moment.  I can promise you that my experience of that grace is visceral and very real.  If you do not pray, then just discipline your thoughts.  This is just as powerful.  Do not imagine any horrors for me.  Imagine and see and believe in the AMAZING gift that is being given to me. 


2 Responses to “Update on Kim”

  1. Holly Enichen July 16, 2014 at 9:24 am #

    Thank you for giving us Kim’s own words to remind us of why we always knew this girl is so special. We know she is surrounded by love and we send ours as well.

  2. Andrew Samrick July 16, 2014 at 10:28 am #

    You and your family are in our thoughts today. If you need to giggle, think of Reims, and how Dr. Joe used to go on about that!

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