This is site was created to share Kim’s journey after being diagnosed with ALS. This journey is defined not by the disease itself but by the love and grace that has surrounded Kim during this time.


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  1. Amanda K. February 17, 2013 at 8:52 pm #

    The Universe yields to uninterrupted, pure belief and intention. A cure for ALS may be uncharted throughout this divine matrix of souls…. But just because it has never happened doesn’t mean it cannot. Kim, you are a pioneer of ALS. Like you, I also believe we met for a reason. I prayed for a purpose outside of the mundane cubicle life and within 1 week – I met you and your beautiful family. It makes me a nervous wreck because it’s brand new yet I am excited nonetheless. I hope to bring cheerfulness to the cause in hopes that you can vibrate on the thinnest, lightest plane possible. Buddhist monks can change their bodies through manipulating their brain waves. If it were ever possible to heal completely and re-write history — I believe you are in the best position possible. You are unique in that you can exist solely within the mental. Because you cannot move very well, you are subjected to a reality that mostly dwells in the mental…. within the wonders of the Pineal Gland…. within the crown chakra….. and closer to that third eye than the rest of us that are constantly distracted by physical stimuli. I have a lot to learn from you. Above all, I believe in you.
    Your New Friend and Privileged Caretaker – Amanda

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